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Full Day Game Fishing Trips

Setting off at a respectable hour, we head out of the Batemans Bay Marina, across the bar and towards the sun, passing the beautiful Tollgate Islands on our way to the Shelf.

Cruising at around 18 knots, in no time at all we are watching the sounder and rigging up. Anticipation is high as we find schools of bait fish and depending on our tactics, we start some serious fishing. Whether the outriggers are put out and the lines are set using live bait or lures while we're trolling for the big ones, or cubing for other pelagics the experienced crew work the waters to maximise your chance of hooking that big one.

The talk is of stories of other catches, ones that got away, tag and release catches and everyone is enjoying the adventure and isolated beauty of the New South Wales South Coast sea.

We keep fishing and after having lunch start our way back to Batemans Bay feeling tired and worn out from a hard days fishing. We fold up the outriggers and prepare for the journey home. The big 200hp outboards enjoy the freedom of fast travel after working at trolling speed most of the day. The afternoon sun is lowering itself over the great dividing range as we are escorted back to port by playful dolphins.

Tired, elated, satisfied and victorious, you've taken on the crystal blue waters of the pacific and its wondrous and elusive inhabitants and made it home safe, having had the game fishing experience of a lifetime.

Full Day Game Fishing

  • October through to April

Departing Batemans Bay Marina 0700

Arriving approximately 1500

  • May through to September

Departing Batemans Bay Marina 0730
Arriving approximately 1530

Not Currently Available

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